40115111 N3515.7.520-DC 7.5VDC 200mA 7.5V DC Power Supply AC Adapter
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40115111 N3515-7.520-DC 7.5V DC 200mA Power Supply AC Adapter

Input: 120VAC 60Hz 6W
Output: 5,1V - 2,2A
Tip Polarity: Positive (+)
Tip Diameter:
Tip Length:


Used OEM power adapter.   Adapter has been tested with a multi-meter and guaranteed to work.    If your purchasing based on the stats- keep in mind that you need to match Volts, Amps or miliamps (A or mA), Current (AC or DC on output), Tip Size, and Tip Polarity (- or +   to determine see the line that connects to the broken circle).