Hipower 620S, Output 6V 200mA Power Supply AC/DC Adapter Wall Wart
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Hipower 620S OEM Power Supply Adapter Charger Wall Wart 6V 200mA

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Model: 620S

Input: 117V 60Hz 3W
Output: 6V 200mA
Output Current: DC
Tip Polarity:
Tip Diameter:
Tip Length:

PURCHASING BASED ON STATS (instead of model number):
Output:  If your purchasing based on the stats then keep in mind that you need to match the output for Volts, Amps or miliamps (A or mA), Current (AC or DC on output), Tip Size, and Tip Polarity (- or +)  to determine see the line that connects to the broken circle).

Input: If your purchasing based on the stats- You do not need to match input in the United States or Canada.  Some countries may require 220v.